Top areas of specialization in Technical Refresher Courses

Not every technical engineering student wants to work after completion of the B.Tech.  For many, pursuing further advance or specialization in Technical Refresher Course is a better option. This is primarily because they can avail a specialized knowledge about the subject and can then opt for a career in Technical research. This academic program lasts

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking English In Public

Several people experience cold feet before speaking English in public. This is primarily because they feel the fear of being insulted. However, one should realize that not being hesitated only gives an opportunity to know one’s shortcomings, which in turn helps in personality development. Listed below are great ways of overcoming your fear of speaking

All you wanted to know about Technical Training Courses

Technical Training is one of the most sought-after courses for students in India. This qualification opens up great opportunities with attractive pay packages, challenging job profile, unparalleled exposures. This blog attempts to shed some light on the major aspects of the course, job opportunities and possible qualification. A Brief Overview: Technical Refresher Training is one